H5K5.HX / Description

The H5K5.HX is an instrument designed to make leak testing in a more easier, faster, efficient and standardized way. To be a leak testing non destructive, the packaging tested can be market.
Applies to leak detection and hermeticity analysis in flexible packaging with a small internal gas volume, like packets of powdered juice or jelly; and for vacuum packed.
Because of not using water for the detection, is a non destructive and dry test. So that permit the installation in clean zones. Is an autono- mous, versatile, compact with configurable settings from a touch screen. It has 6 pressure settings stages and 18 memories or programe recipes to different password protected products.

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    • Pharmaceutical industry (powder packets)
    • Cosmetics Industry (hair dye packets, etc)
    • Food industry (powder juice packets, jelly and vacuum packaging)

    - Leak detection in flexible packaging with a little bit gas volume or vacuum packed
    - Non destructive leak testing
    - Dry test, the installation can be done in clean zones
    - Instant data visualization
    - It has a security valve against over-pressure
    - Low consume
    - Interactive menu
    - Touch screen
    - Programmable pressure levels (6 stages)
    - Quick start button
    - Printer output
    - 18 password protected configuration memories/ recipes