H5K5.CF / Description

The H5K5.CF is an instrument designed to make leak testing in a easier, faster and standardized way. It mainly applies to leak detection and analysis in coffee capsules as well as any other packaging with small dimensions with induction sealed lid. The analyzer is autonomous and compact with configurable setting from a touch screen. It is easy to transport (suitcase shape).

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    • Food industry
    • Pharmaceutical industry

    - Leak detection in coffee capsules & jars
    - Color touch screen
    - Fully automatic test
    - Non destructive and dry test
    - It can test up to 4 packages at the same time
    - It has interchangeable accessories for different types of packaging
    - Low consume
    - All parameters to perform the test are configurable
    - Compact and easy to transport
    - WiFi Ready (future firmware)