H5K5.DL / Description

The H5K5.DL is a non destructive leak tester for jars and bottles with flexible cap. It´s also suitable for vacuum packed products (brick shaped).
The investment in a H5K5.DL leak detector is easy to justify because it will reduce waste and product returns.
The leak detector is allowed to detect very small leaks in less than two seconds.

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    • Brick shaped products (rice, coffee, etc.)
    • Jars with flexible cap
    • Bottles with flexible cap

    - Suitable for brick shaped packages (coffee, rice, etc.)
    - Ideal for jars and bottles with flexible cap
    - Test in less than 2 sec (according to package)
    - Easy to use and configure
    - Automatic mode
    - Interchangeable adaptors for different shapes of products
    - USB Connection