H5K5.HT / Description

The H5K5.HT is an instrument designed to make leak testing in a more easier, faster, efficient and standardized way. It mainly applies to leak detection and analysis in blisters and packaging. The analizer is autonomous, versatile, compact with configurable settings from a touch screen. It has 6 settings stages and 18 program memories.

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    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Food industry
    • Methylene blue dye test (specialy for blisters and vials)
    • Standard packaging, MAP packaging and vacuum packaging.
    • Bottles

    - Professional leak tester
    - Bubble test
    - Methylene blue dye test
    - Altitude simulation
    - Use with compressed air or with vacuum pump
    - LCD graphic and touch display
    - 18 product memories
    - 6 different vacuum/venting stages for each product
    - Output for portable printer with final report impression or PC
    - Quick start push button
    - Several chamber sizes for different products
    - Optional IQ/OQ
    - Meets with international standards:
    • ASTM D3078
    • ASTM D6653
    • ASTM D4169
    • ASTM D4991
    • ASTM D5094
    • ASTM F2096
    • Mexican Pharmacopoeia MGA 0486