H5K5.VM.X9 / Description

Digital Manometer

The H5K5.VM.X9 is a digital manometer built in stainless steel with degree of protection IP66. Its large display with backlight allows to visualize the pressure and temperature even in con espaciosnned spaces. The front is built in safety glass which provides security and excellent vision. It allows to register pressure values (standard mode) or peak values (peakmode), besides all the information can be downloaded to the PC via USB.

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    • Pressure of liquids and gases
    • Pressure in aerosols
    • Control of vacuum packaging
    • Internal pressure of containers
    • Vacuum pump control
    • Conditioned air control
    • Drinking water networks
    • Firefighting networks
    • USB interface and software for configuration and data download

    - Cabinet in stainless steel
    - Very high precision in the measurement
    - 5-digit display
    - Touch screen
    - Power by rechargeable battery
    - USB interface
    - Sampling of 5 KHz, which allows the registration of peaks
    - Pressure and temperature record