H5K5.VM.X8 / Description

Digital Manometer

The H5K5.VM.X8 is an autonomous measuring instrument that allows us to measure and record pressure and temperature over very long periods of time.

 It's ideal for hydraulic tests, analyzing if pressure in line stay constant during time.
Through USB interface and software logger.


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    • Pressure of liquids and gases
    • Pressure in aerosols
    • Control of vacuum packaging
    • Internal pressure of containers
    • Vacuum pump control
    • Conditioned air control
    • Drinking water networks
    • Firefighting networks

    - Very high precision in the measurement
    - Non-volatile memories
    - Indication of current pressure and registration status
    - Record pressure and temperature
    - Simple and well-structured configuration from the PC
    - Data recording from an event
    - Allows saving a comment / installation data
    - Connection to process of 1/4 "Male Gas (Others on request)
    - Minimum record interval: 1 second
    - USB interface and software for configuration and data download