H5K5.VM.X5 / Description

Digital Manometer

H5K5.VM.X5 is a compact, micro-processor (μP) controlled, highly accurate and versatile pressure measuring instrument with digital indication. The piezoresistive pressure transducer as the heart of the instrument has gone through extensive pressure- and temperature tests.
Its characteristics are stored in the instruments internal EEPROM.

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    • Internal pressure of containers
    • Pressure in aerosols
    • Control of packaging vacuum
    • Pressure of liquids and gases
    • Control of vacuum pumps
    • Air conditioning control
    • Drinking water networks
    • Networks against fire

    - Very high precision in the measurement
    - Non-volatile memory
    - Indicates Max / Min Values
    - Auto power off
    - Selectable unit of measure (bar, mbar / hPa, kPa, MPa, PSI or kp / cm2)
    - Connection to process of 1/4 "Male Gas (Others on request)
    - Piezoresistive sensor